Mrs. Simona Jn. Baptiste took leadership at the Canaries Infant School in September of 2004.  Prior to that appointment, she served as teacher for many years.  Mrs. Jn. Baptiste attended, then graduated from the Division of Teacher Education and Educational Administration  after teaching for sixteen (16) years. She possess a Bachelor of Science degree in Educational Management from the University of the West Indies.


Teacher in Chief

The Principal loves being in the classroom.  She takes every opportunity to do what she loves (teaching) and has developed several programs to assist in development of the students.  She assists the Canaries Schools’ Music Department by teaching the children ring games and festival related songs during Creole Heritage Month, the Christmas Season and near our Independence Anniversary. Principal Jn. Baptiste conducts reading programmes after school and at lunch time with her students.  During Numeracy Month, she gives problems and organizes quizzes to help in that area.  When a teacher is absent she is always excited and often takes the class for the entire day.


Fun and Innovative Personality

Reading Carnival

Reading Carnival


Principal Jn. Baptiste loves having fun and together with her creative staff have organized many fun activities for the school.  Over the years, she has organized a Reading Carnival in which students dressed up like different book characters.  The school has had pool parties and you are sure to find a party for Valentines’ Day, Christmas or End of Term.  Every year, the school hosts its annual Fundraising Walk to Belvedere.  These activities make learning fun and this pays huge dividends.  The school has consistently performed remarkably in the Minimum Standards Examination.