Code of Conduct


Every student must be present and on time for school every day.  When a student is absent for a legitimate reason e.g. sickness, they must provide an excuse on the day they return to school.


The school day begins at 9:00 am but all students are to be at the school for 8:45 am.  In the afternoon they are to be ready for afternoon prayers and assembly at 12:45 pm .



Boys and girls must dress neatly every day.  Students are expected to wear their full school uniform.  Exceptions would include ‘dress-down days’ and parties.  Students must wear their Physical Education outfit according to their class time table and during other sports activities.  In cases of emergency where students can not be in uniform, they must present an excuse to explain the situation.



Students are to refrain from fighting, using obscene language and display aggressive behavior. Misbehavior will be dealt with by appropriate punishment.  Students are to take turns, show respect for their school mates and teachers and other authority figures.  Students are to show fairness at work and play.


Work Ethics

Students are supposed to be attentive in class.  They must carefully complete their assignments in the appropriate time and present their work neatly.  They are to complete projects and home work in a timely manner.  Students are expected to make proper use of their time during school.