Principal’s Message


Mathematics Month

Its here again!!!! Get ready to parade maths style!


St. Lucia Learning Project

Once again we had lots of fun learning when the St. Lucia Learning Project spent a week doing literacy and Maths workshops with the entire school.  read more

Gratefully yours!

After our school was hit by the Dec 2013 trough, we got much assistance from many corporate citizens and schools and friends both in and out of St. Lucia.

Much appreciation to SLHTA who was the first to respond to our call for help in restoring and replacing all that was lost to begin school.  A very generous and caring organization who donated supplies, cleaning agents, equipment, schoolbags, kitchen utensils and a structure built for an eating area for school feeding. Thank you so much SLHTA and Mr Naraani Azeez.

MUCHO GRACIAS. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to All those who supported, assisted, donated in any way to ensure that we at the Canaries infant School operate as school after the trough.  Your contribution is very much appreciated and will definitely make a difference in the lives of our children.

Extra Curricular

Our students enjoy Physical Education (PE) and Music.  They miss having PE in the shade of the Annex in the yard and sitting on the carpet of the Resource Centre for Music.  These days at the new location, the students usually go for walks for PE and they have Music in the lunch shed.

Although they not at home ground, they are comfortable enough and have lots of fun.

Work for the Week Programme

Parents come in to collect scheme of work for the week. Teachers teach parents how to assist students with work at home especially in Maths and language Arts.

Health and Fun Walk

Staff, parents and students will take part in a health/fun brisk walk on Friday 28th March.
read more

Mid Term 1 Camp 2014

The Saint Lucia learning Project did it again.  They hosted a week long camp to enhance the reading and literacy skills of our students. read more